Wills and Probate

Why California Will and Probate Lawyers Are In High Demand

last will and testament legal document

Having a life plan is more important these days than it ever seems to have been. And with so many aspects that can go wrong, it’s no surprise there is a growing need for wills and probate lawyers. The sensitive nature of living in a big city can also underline the need for will and probate lawyers in California.

Tighter Restrictions Set For Wills

Over the last year or so it seems there has been an increase in reports of wills which are not legally binding, and cases where changes in wills are not upheld, as well as there being hundreds of cases where the money or assets left in a will is stolen or underplayed, meaning the true beneficiaries miss out on money which is legally theirs. The need for a probate lawyer in Long Beach has never been higher.

Now the California government is creating new legislation which will offer those making wills more protection, and this has prompted suggestions that the governments in California should also review their wills legislation to ensure those making wills are more thoroughly protected. As a reaction to this, the Legal Services Board of California has decided that they will begin to review the current process.

These problems appear to have arisen as a direct consequence of will writing firms or professionals being used rather than the traditional solicitors, and as solicitors are governed in a way that will writers are not, more mistakes (whether deliberate or accidental) have been made.

Owning your will drafted up by a solicitor means you are engaging the services of someone with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and qualifications, as well as being protected by the professional indemnity scheme that the solicitor must enter into.

This is not the case with other types of will writer, and while many are morally upstanding, there are some who will take advantage of this lack of legislation to gain either financially or professionally.

One recent investigation into wills reported cases where the fees for a will were quoted as exceptionally low, but then once the person passes their loved ones must pay higher fees to gain access to the will, meaning they have an unexpected bill at a difficult time. There were also reports of funds being stolen, wills being lost and charities being told they were left much less money than they were.


Most importantly, if you need to change the Will at any moment of time, you can easily do it with the help of the solicitor as it has to be legal even while making small changes. Every person needs to understand Probate and Wills from family law solicitors in California.